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8 November 2013
By Rebecca Avery

New CEOP Resource - Exploited

CEOP have launched their latest educational film, Exploited. Based around an 18-minute film, Exploited helps young people aged 12 and over,  learn to stay safe from sexual exploitation. It educates young people to identify features of an exploitative friendship or relationship in contrast with the development of a healthy relationship, and gives them clear information about how to report abuse and access support. The resource is based on a set of learning points promoting awareness and positive behaviours. It aims to help young people learn:

  • That in a good relationship, both people want what’s best for each other.
  • That some people make you think they are your friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, but really they are using you e.g. for money, status or sex.
  • That some people make young people feel special (e.g. giving them gifts or paying them compliments) in order to gain control over them.
  • That some people use pressure and threats to try to gain control over others.
  • How to tell when a situation is unsafe, and set boundaries about what you want to do and don’t want to do.
  • How to tell if someone wants a relationship with you for the right or wrong reasons.
  • That there are many people who can support you if you feel at risk, including teachers, parents/carers, and organisations like CEOP and ChildLine.

Delivering Exploited

This resource is designed to be delivered through structured sessions delivered by professionals in schools, youth groups and other education settings. In schools it should be embedded in a progressive Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum, as part of Sex and Relationships Education.

The film and supporting resources has received the PSHE Association Quality Mark, evidence they have met a rigorous set of standards and reflect effective practice in PSHE delivery. Exploited tackles a range of sensitive issues including grooming, power and control, blackmail and coercion, peer pressure and sex under the age of consent.

To help professionals ensure that the film is delivered safely and effectively it comes with a detailed guidance pack, including session plans and printable resources. Please read the pack in full before delivering Exploited to young people.

The Exploited resource can be downloaded from the Think U Know resources area Content provided by CEOP Education Team