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24 October 2019
By Alex Gamby

Maidstone 'Hide a Book' scheme

Discovery Nursery is always looking for ways to get involved in its local community. A local childminder called ‘Georgia’s Explorers’ have set up a ‘Hide a Book’ scheme. Once a hidden book is found there is a message asking the finder to post a picture of themselves and their book on the ‘Maidstone Books’ Facebook page.

We ourselves have hidden several books and one has been found and posted on the page and now rehidden for another lucky person to find. Smarties Nursery has also joined the scheme, so we hope to see lots more books being hidden, found, read and enjoyed in our local community.

If you would like to get involved, search for ‘Maidstone Books’ on Facebook. Who knows, maybe one of your books will be found……. 😊