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26 June 2015
By Rebecca Avery

Internet Matters Resources - "Protect their Curiosity"

Internet Matters has launched a campaign urging parents to put parental controls on all internet-enabled devices to protect their children from harmful content. The safety group is backed by the UK’s largest broadband providers: BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media. The campaign, called Protect their Curiosity, uses a series of four hard-hitting short videos to explore some of the biggest concerns around internet protection for parents/carers including gaming, searching and sexting.

Internet Matters general manager Carolyn Bunting said: “The videos might be uncomfortable viewing, but we wanted to show the reality of how a child's innocent curiosity can turn in to a distressing experience in just one click. Kids want to use the web in safety. They don't want to be scared of what they might click on. A big step towards this lies with parents switching on every parental control available.”

Schools and settings could share these videos with parents via their websites or use them directly with parents/carers as part of awareness raising sessions for example during specific online safety workshops or during parents evenings or transition events.