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3 January 2019
By Liam Jeffery

Happy New Year!

With the season of mulled wines and bulging waistlines now officially over, we want to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the New Year!

We are proud of how far The Education People has come in 2018 and the valuable relationships we have begun making with schools, settings and further education establishments so far. We cannot wait for this to continue and are always working hard to provide the best service we can in 2019.

In the face of growing uncertainty and worry about what the future holds for the UK, we believe that our ethos ‘Better Together’ is more poignant now than ever. We will endeavour to work in collaboration with our customers to provide the best outcomes for future generations.

If this is the first you’ve heard of The Education People or you are not entirely sure what we do, have a peruse of our website to view the wide range of services we have on offer!

Alternatively, if you have a specific question you can send us a contact form

Have a great year!