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29 July 2014
By Rebecca Avery

Conscious Internet Usage resources from Into Film

Into Film is a film education charity that works with 5-19 year olds across the UK. It works within and outside school settings to put film at the heart of children and young people’s education and personal development. The charity runs a range of different activities and also develops innovative education resources, adaptable for a range of settings, which are available for free to educators.

Into Film’s latest resource package, developed in partnership with documentary-focused education resource provider Doc Academy, focuses on Conscious Internet Usage and is inspired by the thought-provoking documentary InRealLife by Beeban Kidron. The new KS4 resource uses film to explore the complex relationship that modern teenagers have with the internet and encourages safe and responsible use. It promotes frank and open discussions about issues such as the role of commercial organisations behind the internet, the causes and consequences of cyberbullying, and internet addiction.

A five unit lesson plan supplemented by teacher's notes and clips from the film InRealLife, invites pupils to engage with the material and develop their reading, writing and spoken language skills through activities ranging from producing a Prezi presentation to holding a Question Time debate, writing a blog, creating a campaign advert and making a video diary.

Included are links to other useful resources and short films made by young people around the subject of internet safety. The full resource and film clips are available to download from Doc Academy. Copies of InRealLife are free to order for all settings with an Into Film Club and a PDF copy of the lesson plans can be downloaded from Into Film. Content replicated from the Think U Know blog here