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Preparing for Inspection - The 90 Minute Call

Audience: Primary
Single session
  • Primary School Improvement Training Package
  • Foundation
  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 2

Brief Overview

The 90-minute phone call the day before inspection is a genuine worry for some leaders. It is important that you feel confident and well prepared for the conversation so that you set a positive tone for your inspection from the start.

This course will provide you with an opportunity to join with other leaders to deepen your understanding of what happens before your inspection (taking account of the most recent inspection framework and handbook). It will take you through the call step-by-step, looking at the types of questions you will be asked and offering helpful suggestions for strengthening your answers.

As part of this training session, you will receive an Ofsted readiness action plan, a checklist for the 90-minute call and other essential documentation that will support and guide your preparation for inspection.

Learning Outcomes

  • To refresh your understanding of the pre-inspection process (from notification to day 1)
  • To have greater clarity of how the 90 minute conversation documentation can support you in advance and during the call with the inspector
  • To ensure you are familiar with the key messages contained within the updated inspection handbook
  • To have started to develop a preparation plan 



  • Session - 25/01/2024 09:30  -  12:00

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Delivered by

  • Mark Rivers