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Payroll Reconciliation - BPS Users

Audience: Primary, Secondary
Single session
  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 2
  • Key Stage 3
  • Key Stage 4
  • Key Stage 5

Brief Overview

(Demonstration, Questions and Answers) 

This half day session is for school finance staff who wish to understand how the school’s payroll can be checked using the payroll reconciliation feature on the Budget Planning Software (BPS).  The session will also cover the various reports that the system can produce. 

The assumption will be that those attending are finance staff who use FMS6 and have purchased the core finance package which includes the Budget Planning Software. 

Learning Outcomes

The session will cover 

  • how to use the Payroll Reconciliation function for validating payroll costs on a monthly, basis
  • delegates will be aware of how to use the Budget Planning Software to generate staffing reports suitable for Head teachers and Governors
  • questions will be taken.



  • Session - 05/12/2023 09:00  -  13:00

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Delivered by

  • Debra Endacott
  • Sue Lindgren

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