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Introduction to Therapeutic Parenting and the PACE Model

Audience: Foster Carer
Multiple sessions

Brief Overview

Implementing Therapeutic Parenting in Everyday Life 

Learning Outcomes

Delegates must attend both days.

Day One:  Introduction to Therapeutic Parenting and the PACE model which underpins it.

This workshop explains what Therapeutic Parenting is and why it is the most effective approach in caring for children who have experienced ACEs. It explores the PACE model devised by renowned clinical psychologist Dr Daniel Hughes which underpins Therapeutic Parenting and provides clear guidance around the practical application of this model in Therapeutic Parenting.


  • To explain the principles of Therapeutic Parenting.
  • To provide a comprehensive overview of the PACE Model and how this underpins Therapeutic Parenting.
  • To explore each of the elements of the PACE Model and practical applications of these.
  • To explain why these are fundamental in caring for children with developmental trauma and how they aid healing

Day Two:  Implementing Therapeutic Parenting in everyday life

This workshop provides foster carers with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of Therapeutic Parenting and the PACE Model by Dr. Daniel Hughes which underpins this approach. It explores the key principles of Therapeutic Parenting and how to implement these in everyday life.  

Within this workshop we consider the similarities between ‘good parenting’ but also the key differences and explore the central element of connecting and attuning with children, helping them regulate their emotions and positively managing their behaviour in way which promotes healing.


  • To provide an overview of Therapeutic Parenting and the PACE model which underpins this model.
  • To explore parenting strategies employed in Therapeutic Parenting.
  • To discuss the practical application of these.
  • To enable carers to keep their focus on the goal of connecting with children in order to aid their healing and build their resilience.



  • Session 1 - 30/01/2024 10:00  -  12:30
  • Session 2 - 31/01/2024 10:00  -  12:30

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