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FMS6 Accounts Payable

Audience; Primary, Secondary
Single session
  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 2
  • Key Stage 3
  • Key Stage 4
  • Key Stage 5

Brief Overview

This course includes a short introduction to the financial regulations and guidance that schools must adhere to.  It has been specifically designed to assist new or inexperienced school-based finance staff who will be working mainly on Accounts Payable in FMS6. 

This course will include demonstrations and practise of the following FMS6 Accounts Payable routines and will be linked to the School Finance Policy. 

  • Navigating FMS6
  • Accounting Structure: Setting Up Ledger Codes, Cost Centres, Ledger Code/Cost Centre Links and using the Chart of Accounts Review
  • Set Up Routines: Order Books and Cheque Books
  • Supplier Set Up: Add a Supplier, Factors, Using Catalogues and Supplier Review
  • Orders: Browsing, Creating, Authorising and Cancelling an Order
  • Invoices: Browsing, Processing Order Invoices, Adding Postage and Packing and Cancelling Invoices
  • Credit Notes - Processing and Cancelling Credit Notes
  • Cheque Processing - Creating Cheque Runs and Cancelling Cheques
  • Corporate Cards
  • System Generated Reports for Accounts Payable.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session the delegates will be able to:- 

  • Use the School’s own Finance Policy as reference documents
  • Modify the accounting / coding structure to meet the needs of the school
  • Use Accounts Payable in FMS6 to record all relevant financial information
  • Print reports relating to Accounts Payable. 

Learning Resources 

FMS6 guidance packs will be sent by email prior to the webinar.



  • session - 16/01/2024 09:30  -  16:30

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  • Joanne Clark

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