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Reconnect, Restore and Recover Learning in English for Primary Schools

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  • Webinar
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A one hour recorded webinar, this is part of a two part package available to all schools.

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Reconnect, Restore, Recover is a two-part package available to all schools to enable English Subject Leaders to support their teachers as we invite more pupils back into school.

Part one consists of:

  • A one hour recorded webinar for English Leaders which will focus on promoting the emotional wellbeing of children, and teachers, as they adjust to changes in their learning experiences, together with consideration of how to support children in catching up with what they may have missed in reading and writing during school closures, and how to address this when social distancing.
  • A whole-school text planning unit. Now is the perfect time to pull together and find comfort in some collaborative learning. This unit of work has been planned as a whole school literacy project that will meet the needs of pupils from EYFS to Year 6. Whether pupils are back full time, working with their year group or in mixed-age groups, or even alternating between school and home-learning, the ideas from this unit can be taken and adapted to each school’s individual circumstances.

Reconnect, Restore and Recover: English Part Two (chargeable separately)

  • will become available in September, and will focus on using good practice to assess children's starting points in phonics, reading and writing, in order to define appropriate teaching and learning after long periods of school closure.

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