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Early Career Teacher (ECT) Statutory Induction in a Non-UK Setting

Our ECT Induction & Support team work with overseas schools/settings to support Early Career Teachers (ECTs) complete their statutory induction.

Early Career Teacher (ECT) Statutory Induction in a Non-UK Setting

The Education People are able to act as an appropriate body which oversees induction for qualified teachers working in non-UK schools. To be considered fully qualified to teach in a school in England there are two mandatory requirements:

  • to have full Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)
  • to have completed a period of induction which from September 21 became a two year programme.

If you are in a recognised British School Overseas (BSO) that has been inspected you can complete your induction and at its conclusion it will be recorded on the TRA website, you would need to be able to demonstrate that you are able to meet the teacher standards consistently over the period of induction and undertake a programme of study such as the Early Career Framework.

You must have a QTS qualified mentor in place to support you.

If you trained in the Republic of Ireland, please contact the team for more details.

Reduced Induction

In some cases, you may be eligible for a reduced induction period which is subject to your previous teaching experience. This reduction could mean that you are able to complete in three months, but you should be prepared to provide a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate how you are meeting the teacher standards and be able to record two lessons for assessment.

For more information on how the ECT team can help please visit our ECT area on the website.

Please contact the ECT team for further information.


The cost of these services are:

  • induction over two years - £325
  • reduced induction - £920 (this includes induction and full assessment within a three month timescale).