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Safeguarding Support Package for Schools 23/24

This package has been developed in line with national guidance and best practice recommendations to ensure schools’ practice falls within current legislation.

Please note: from 1 April 2023 this product will be produced by Kent County Council. For any queries relating to this product please email the Education Safeguarding Service.

Our 'Safeguarding Support Package for Schools 2023-24' has been been developed to provide schools in Kent and beyond with annual access to cost effective benefits and exclusive content from the Education Safeguarding Service.

Membership to the package will help to ensure Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) have a suite of resources and ongoing CPD opportunities to help keep them up-to-date and to enable school leaders to ensure and evidence their schools’ practice is in line with current legislation and requirements.

The 'Safeguarding Support Package for Schools 2023-24' has been developed in line with national guidance and best practice recommendations so is suitable for use by schools throughout the UK. Where possible and appropriate, specific links for Kent and Medway schools may also be highlighted.

Please ensure you check for any updates: the Safeguarding Support Package for Schools 2023-24 is based on the Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023 (KCSIE) guidance.

Please remember you are purchasing access to this content for the academic year 1 September 2023 - 31 August 2024.

The Safeguarding Support Package for Schools 2023-24 includes:

  • The training resource packs include a whole staff child protection and whole staff online safety training slides and additional guidance notes for DSLs to help them provide robust staff training which address current safeguarding requirements and expectations.

  • The packs also contain supplementary activities which can be used throughout the year by DSLs to demonstrate ongoing safeguarding awareness raising with staff, for example during staff meetings or inset or twilight sessions.

  • The packs are intended to be personalised by DSLs to reflect their specific schools’ policies and context and will be updated as necessary by the service throughout the year to reflect current guidance and legislation.

These resources will be accessed via the downloadable DSL resource library.

  • This E-learning course will provide any new members of staff in schools with core messages about their safeguarding responsibilities and ensure a baseline of child protection knowledge and understanding.

  • The E-learning course is suitable for all members of staff and is intended for induction purposes only – it cannot and should not replace whole school staff training and DSLs will need to supplement this course to address individual school policy expectations and procedures.

  • This training will be updated throughout the year by the service as necessary to reflect current guidance and legislation.
  • The downloadable resource library will contain a suite of comprehensive guidance documents and time-saving templates which will assist DSLs in keeping informed and up-to-date. The library will evolve over time but aims to provide a diverse bank of resources to support safeguarding practice, inform decision making and help schools evidence their approaches towards establishing a safe culture.

  • Current resources include:
    • record keeping guidance for DSLs
    • comprehensive Handbook for DSLs
    • guidance for staff regarding responding to child welfare concerns
    • child protection induction leaflet for staff and volunteers
    • safeguarding school self-evaluation tool
    • online safety school self-evaluation tool
    • confidentiality policy template
    • anti-bullying policy template
    • online safety policy template
    • engaging families in online safety guidance
    • social media toolkit
    • Online safety considerations for learners with SEND
    • filtering and monitoring considerations for school leaders and governors
    • cyberbullying guidance for DSLs and School Leaders
    • developing Online Safety Practice in Education Settings: Policy and Practice Guidance for Leaders, Managers and DSLs
    • protecting professional’s online checklist
    • template letters for common online safety concerns
    • staff training quiz (part one of KCSIE)
    • child focused safety plan template
    • maximising safeguarding on your school website guidance
    • template DSL posters
    • KCSIE Annex B safeguarding factsheets.
  • Safeguarding is a constantly evolving area of work with frequent changes in guidance and legislation, emerging safeguarding risks and priorities, and new national resources or services to support effective practice. The Education Safeguarding Service will ensure that new resources (a minimum of six new resources per academic year) are added to the downloadable resource library.
      • Specific resources will vary based on current trends, however, examples of updates could include FAQ on emerging risks, policy guidance and/or templates, template letters, summaries of core guidance and/or updates, signposting to national advice/resources on key topics, video guides and additional training content.

  • We will provide regular (at least annual) updates to all existing training and library resources so DSLs can be confident that the material they use and access via the package are up-to-date. All resource library documents are updated and revised over the summer, so they are ready for use for the 2023-24 school year when KCSIE 2023 is enacted.
  • We recognise the benefit of interaction and networking for DSLs to share knowledge, examples of good practice and reflect on key topics. We will be running a series of up to six one hour DSL briefing twilight sessions (4pm to 5pm)  throughout the year. Package members receive one free place, per school on each briefing, starting from the date the school subscribes to the package. 

  • If the DSL is unable to attend live, we will provide access a recording of the session after the event, where available. 

  • Additional spaces can be booked if schools wish to certificate more than one DSL or staff member's attendance.


The cost for an annual subscription to the 'Safeguarding Support Package for Schools' of £535.50 (plus VAT) provides a significant saving compared to those who opt to purchase content on an individual basis. Additionally, whilst some resources and training within the package will be available to purchase on an adhoc basis, some of the resource library content will be exclusive to members only, for example our safeguarding and online safety self-audit tools.

Please remember you are purchasing access to this content for the academic year 1 September 2023 - 31 August 2024.

To find out more about the Safeguarding Support Package for Schools please contact us. 

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