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Emergency planning in schools

Practical, tested and user-friendly resources to reduce the likelihood and impact of a school emergency

How would your school deal with some of the incidents, tragedies and disasters that have befallen schools in recent years?

Emergency planning is about being as ready as possible, just in case an emergency arises, with information, procedures and support systems that are:

• Flexible • Published • Practised • Responsive

Our guide and E-learning courses will help your school to be as ready as possible.

Our School Emergency Planning resources include:

  1. The Guide to Emergency Planning in Schools
  2. E-learning packages for every aspect of planning for the types of emergencies most often encountered in schools
  3. Online Schools Closure And Reporting (OSCAR) software (currently in testing)
  4. Emergency Plan Creation Kits (currently in development)
  5. Aide Memoires and Templates
  6. Resources for Early Years.

For full details have a look at our Schools Emergency Planning website.

Click on the topic headers below for more detailed information.

The Kent County Council Education Planning and Access Team produce the Emergency Planning for Schools Guide - the definitive resource for schools to reduce the likelihood and impact of an emergency; and to maintain service during and in the aftermath of an emergency.

The authors have been working with schools, emergency services and local authorities in the field of Emergency Planning, Resilience, Risk Assessment and Business Continuity for over 15 years.

The guide is updated periodically, with all links, information and references regularly checked for adherence to the latest legislation and guidance.

Access to this resource can be purchased for £300 per school which provides the most current version and two annual updates (schools which are not *Kent County Council maintained schools).

Please click the link for more information on the Emergency Planning guide

A bespoke Kent version of this guide will continue to be emailed, free of charge, to each *Kent County Council maintained school.

(*Kent County Council maintained school' refers to any Primary, Secondary and Special School (including Community, VA, VC, Trust, Foundation, Academy or Free School) within the Kent County Council Local Authority).

E-learning training modules are available for schools who would like to develop a more detailed understanding of a particular topic area within Emergency Planning.

A typical training package will take about 45 minutes to complete and will have three or four distinct learning elements.

Available Now:

  • Introduction to Emergency Planning, Roles & Responsibilities and Immediate Actions - £60 (for 5 logins)
  • The Grab Bag and its use during the Management of an Emergency - £60 (for 5 logins)
  • Intruders, Incursions and Lockdowns - £80 (for 5 logins).

Coming Soon:

  • Managing Structural and Operational Emergencies
  • Managing Human Emergencies
  • Risk Assessment for School Emergency Planning
  • Business Continuity for Schools
  • Resources for Early Years settings.

Take action to protect your students and staff – Purchase Emergency Planning E-learning now

OSCAR is a notification system for heads and Business managers to notify parents, education authorities, trusts and the community of a school closure.

  • Using email or messaging app, it will notify a school closure or part closure
  • Facility to send SMS
  • Closure data collection and reporting
  • Potential to notify local media.

Click to visit the Schools Emergency Planning website

Every school is unique and will face different challenges. A unique school emergency plan should reflect that.

But what if there are several possible emergencies? What happens if your school is in a flood risk area, near to a busy road or railway, and also has experienced heavy snowfall in the past?

You might need more than one plan.

Click to visit the Schools Emergency Planning website

Ideas, plans, templates and lists that will help with your emergency planning, impact reduction and facilitate your speedy return to normal operation.

Click to visit the Schools Emergency Planning website

We are in the process of re-writing all of your guides, templates and resources to reflect the differences between schools and early years provisions. Watch this space!

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