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Safeguarding Basic Awareness for Induction (School Staff)

Safeguarding Basic Awareness for Induction (School Staff) ...

‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ states that Governing bodies and proprietors should ensure that all staff undergo safeguarding and child protection training (including online safety) at induction. 

This is an introductory safeguarding course that can form part of staff induction to ensure staff working in schools have the essential knowledge and skills they need to recognise, report and record concerns to protect the children and young people they work with.

This course will enable staff working in schools to recognise and respond to a variety of safeguarding concerns and priorities, as identified in ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’.

The course will explore current national education safeguarding guidance, as well as best practice policy and procedures. However, it is important that once staff have completed the training, they find out their schools’ specific policies and procedures. 

Learning objectives

For staff working in schools to:

  • Recognise their responsibilities to safeguard children and contribute to a safe school culture.
  • Consider what makes a child vulnerable and how to recognise potential abuse or neglect.
  • Identify current safeguarding priorities, including specific guidance on recognising and responding to online safety concerns.
  • Be confident responding to child protection concerns and know when to make a referral.
  • Consider their own professional behaviour and know how to keep safe on and offline.

This course is available for free as part of the Safeguarding Support Package for Schools If your school has purchased this package don't forget to use your voucher code at the checkout, if you're unsure what the code is please email [email protected] This code must not be shared with anyone outside your organisation.

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