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Early Careers Teachers and Return to Teaching Package

Nine hours of E-learning for both teachers in the early stages of their career and those returning after a career break.

Both teachers at an early stage of their career and those returning after a career break will find these eight carefully chosen learning modules useful. Based on evidence-based practice, they concentrate on the key areas of teaching which have the greatest impact on pupil outcomes.

This package includes modules designed to build knowledge and confidence in establishing a positive culture and classroom climate, modules designed to support effective classroom formative assessment as well as more curriculum-focussed modules, for example refreshing the knowledge, terminology and skills to support the teaching of phonics throughout the school.

Teachers have found the courses both very informative and highly practical.

Please note if you buy into our Primary School Improvement package these courses are included.

Courses Included

Are you sure that the phonics teaching of all your practitioners is as good as it ought to be? Do you have anyone new to supporting or teaching phonics, whether teaching assistant or class teacher? Do some of your practitioners lack the subject knowledge required to teach phonics well? This comprehensive and thorough E-learning module will be indispensable to your training needs, regardless of which systematic, synthetic phonics programme your school is using. Step by step, delegates will learn a wide range of phonics knowledge, terminology, skills and understanding which are necessary to ensure sound, confident teaching for all children across the school.

“A great mix of information and questions to test understanding. It was an easy to follow format and visually pleasing too. The timed section kept me on my toes!” Sussex Road Primary School

During this module we will consider the implications of evidence-based research in creating and developing a ‘growth mindset’ community of learners in your classroom. You will learn how children’s ability can be developed through using practical classroom strategies so that learning gaps can be closed.

"some great ideas were shared and expanded upon"
"It makes you realise the important of praising effort and learning dispositions rather than talent" Class Teachers Raffles International School Dubai

Behaviour management is often one of the aspects of teaching that most worries teachers, particularly in the early stages of their career or when returning to teaching after some time away. This module will support you to select the right tools to have in your ‘teacher’s toolbox’ to establish a positive culture and promote the sorts of behaviour you want to see.

Manipulatives are a key element of this, yet not all staff are confident in how to use mathematical equipment to teach the curriculum requirements. This E-learning module will explore a range of manipulatives, commonly found in all primary schools. The course is suitable for both teachers and TAs and could be delivered to a whole staff or a targeted group. As an online course, you can choose how many staff to train and when to deliver the training, making this a flexible and cost-effective solution.

This course aims to embed a clear understanding of the importance of formative assessment procedures in the classroom, in order to promote the best possible progress for pupils. A number of strategies are examined, and practical ideas for utilisation in the classroom suggested. This course can be taken on an individual basis, but can also be used productively in a sequence of staff meetings/ year group meetings to encourage discussion, reflection and development of new strategies in school.

"I have found this course extremely informative and I have learned excellent focus points to use in my daily practice." Class Teacher Lenham Primary School

A positive classroom climate is at the heart of good teaching and effective learning and assessment. This module will guide you to understand the successful strategies employed by experienced teachers and help you to consider a plan to move ahead with your own class.

Full of practical ideas and techniques, this module will help you to refine your teacher questioning so that you can strike a good balance between ‘teacher talk’ and opportunities to children to engage, think, discuss and evaluate.

"This is highly commendable and I recommend for other teachers." Class Teacher, Raffles International School Dubai

This short E-learning module will look at how, by creating clear learning objectives and success criteria, children become more active in their learning, are able to assess their own learning and understand how to improve.

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