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1-1 Group Support: Improving the Outcomes for GRTs

1-1 group support available to schools covering Gypsy Roma Travellers.

1-1 Group Support: Improving the Outcomes for Gypsy Roma Travellers

The EDIT Advisory Teachers have years of experience of improving the engagement of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils in their learning and an in depth understanding of GRT culture.

In our conversation with Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils they often say that:

  • that there is a lack of understanding and respect for their culture from the school community
  • they suffer from discrimination from non-travellers including name calling and marginalisation
  • staff have low expectations
  • there is a lack of GRT representation across the school in literature, imagery and within the curriculum.

This often results in pupils becoming disillusioned with education and disengaged.
The EDIT Advisory Teachers offer 1-1 and group support to re-engage GRT pupils within the school through mentoring and culturally reaffirming project work.


The Equality Diversity Inclusion Team support, consultancy and bespoke training can be bought:

  • Through the EDIT Core Support Package
  • Using Credits (half day - 320 credits, full day - 630 credits)
  • Ad hoc (half day - £330, full day - £650) +VAT if appropriate.

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