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Observation, Assessment and Planning

This training will support you to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of an effective observation....

Observation, Assessment and Planning

Look, listen and note. Are your observational skills effective? Do you plan to observe or observe to plan?

Through a variety of reflective activities and discussions, you will have an opportunity to explore your observation, assessment and planning cycle, identifying how you can improve outcomes for early years children.

This whole day training will support you to:
• develop your skills as an observer and analyse a variety of observations
• practice and review assessments to identify gaps in the provision and children’s outcomes
• evaluate your planning and identify areas for development.

Up to 25 delegates can attend this event.




£97 +VAT per person; £690 +VAT per group


£97 +VAT per person; £470 +VAT per group

Suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions. Available Spring 2021.