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Makaton Level 3 Workshop (Virtual)

Activity type:
  • Training course

See pricing information below.

This online training is for those who have previously attended Workshop Level 1 & 2

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Makaton Level 3 Workshop (Virtual)

Ideal for:

This online training is for those who have previously attended Workshop Level 1 & 2, or Beginners Workshop or Foundation Workshop. You need to have already attended a training course covering Stages 1-4 of the Core Vocabulary plus the Additional Vocabulary.

The Makaton Workshop Level 3 builds on the signs and symbols you have already learnt (see ‘ideal for’ above) and you will add stages 5 & 6.

On completion of the training participants should:

  1. be able to use signs and symbols from Stages 1–6 and the Additional Vocabulary in their daily environment, and use techniques for placement, directionality and movement
  2. be knowledgeable about the techniques that make information accessible and meaningful to Core Users;
  3. have gained knowledge about the components of signs and how to analyse them
  4. have developed confidence in using signs and symbols accurately and fluently
  5. be informed about the other Makaton Training courses and workshops.

The course is delivered via Zoom over two sessions of up to four hours each, on separate days. In order to attend this training you will need access to a stable internet connection and a full size laptop, iPad or similar. The training course is not suitable to be delivered or attended on a mobile phone. You will need to see the tutor and other participants clearly, and they will need to see you, from at least the top of the head to waist height.

There is an additional charge of £28.50 per person to cover the required training manual, postage of the manual to your home address, and the cost of posting your certificate to you following the training. Please keep your attendance certificate as you will need it if you wish to attend the Level 4 Workshop.

A maximum of eight participants can attend this online training.


Virtual session:
£420 +VAT per group, additional charge of £28.50 per person (charge of manual, certificate and postage and packaging)