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Makaton Level 1 Workshop

Activity type:
  • Training course

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The one day Level 1 Workshop provides a practical introduction to Makaton for those who need to....

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Makaton Level 1 Workshop

Ideal for:
Early years practitioners, workers, family members, friends and carers of Makaton users.

The one day Level 1 workshop provides a practical introduction to Makaton for those who need to use Makaton in everyday situations, at home and/or at work. You will learn the signs and symbols for stages 1 & 2 of the core vocabulary plus half of the additional vocabulary. The course is very practical and interactive.

Up to 15 delegates can attend this event as stipulated by the Makaton Charity due to the nature of the training. The training can be delivered as a one day workshop advertised via CPD online, or as a one day workshop in-house.

There is an additional charge of £16.00 for the Makaton manual required for this workshop. Your attendance certificate is in the back of the manual. Your tutor will sign the certificate before you leave the training. Please keep your attendance certificate as you will need it if you wish to attend the Level 2 workshop.

On completion of the Level 1 workshop participants should:

  • Know about the history, design and structure of the Makaton Core and resource vocabularies
  • Be able to use signs and symbols from stages 1 & 2 and half of the additional vocabulary in their daily environment, and use signing techniques for placement, directionality and movement
  • Know how the signs used with the Makaton vocabulary are derived
  • Have a knowledge of the different approaches available to develop the communication skills of a wide range of Makaton users
  • Be informed about the other Makaton training courses and workshops.

It is essential to attend the Level 1 workshop in order to progress to the Level 2 workshop.

Within Kent:
CPD advertised training £94.00 +VAT plus £16.00 (charge of manual) per person
In-house group training £444.00 +VAT group charge, plus £16.00 (charge of manual) per person.

Virtual session:

£420 +VAT per group (8 people maximum), additional charge of £26 per person (charge of manual, certificate and postage and packaging)