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A Parents Guide to Child Development - Birth to 5 - DW1

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This wheel was developed with....

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A Parents Guide to Child Development - Birth to 5 - DW1

This wheel was developed with the Early Years and Community Services team as a follow on from the “Helping Little Ones Bloom” book (which is for birth to three years) developed by practitioners and early years advisors, containing useful information about what we might expect children to be achieving in the first five years of their life.

Split into nine sections the moveable wheel twists round to the relevant age section - the first being birth to three months and the last being age four to five. On one side of the wheel there are things that the child might/should be able to do and also a list of things that the family can do to help to stimulate the child’s awareness, learning and development phases. The reverse side gives parents information about how to keep the child safe and healthy at each stage of their development from birth through to five years old.

All the regular sized discs are approx. 230mm in diameter and are laminated for strength.

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