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Outlast Blocks (Nursery Intro Set)

In Stock

These lovely blocks from Community Playthings are made from acetylated wood and can be used and kept outdoors. The interlocking blocks, planks and steering wheels allow open ended play and empower the imagination.


This is a smaller 'Intro' set for our settings with limited space.

The set consists of:-

2 one hole blocks (14cm)

4 two hole blocks (28cm)

3 four hole blocks (56cm)

2 one hole planks (14cm)

3 two hole planks (28cm)

1 three hole plank (42cm)

3 four hole planks (56cm)

1 ramp (28cm)

1 ramp (56cm)

2 steering wheels

Although these blocks can be left outdoors, we ask that you take care of them as we have noticed some have been returned to us with mould inside which is very difficult to clean.