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Code: SCH 20/586
Duration: One Hour
Activity Type: Webinar
Resource Type: Download
Supporting Children with Anxiety in the Covid-19 Pandemic
£25 +VAT Per Person

A recent survey undertaken by the charity Young Minds in March 2020 revealed that the current coronavirus pandemic is having a profound effect on young people with existing mental health conditions. Although they understood the need for the measures taken in response to the virus, the report says, this did not lessen the impact. Many of those who took part in the survey reported increased anxiety, problems with sleep, panic attacks or more frequent urges to self-harm.

This webinar will look at the following:

  • Defining anxiety - what does it look and feel like.
  • Practical approaches and techniques for supporting children.
  • How to answer ‘anxious’ questions.
  • How to model effective thinking.
  • School phobia – linked to the pandemic – top tips for supporting transition back to the classroom.
  • Specific strategies to try - anxiety ladders, apple technique, worry box, problem solving, challenging and braking cycles of negative thinking and using positive thinking/self-talk.

What aspects were most useful?

“Strategies and advice for reducing children's anxiety and to become aware of the triggers/questioning what they are worried about to try and regulate feelings.” John Wesley Primary School
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