Prices for appeals and exclusions

Our prices for appeals and exclusions

The Independent Appeals Team is based in County Hall, Maidstone.  We form part of Kent County Council and are totally independent of the Education Admissions Department.  We have a team of highly experienced officers who have vast experience of administrating and clerking appeals.

Our Prices:
For Primary appeals, costs are £100 (+VAT) per scheduled appeal.

For Secondary appeals, costs are £105 (+VAT) per scheduled appeal.

For exclusions, our charge is £500 (+VAT) per scheduled review with an additional £600 if an SEN expert is requested.

For Academies outside of Kent, prices will vary accordingly on application.

For further information, please contact Andy Ballard, Principal Democratic Services Officer, 03000 414 222 or email

The Independent Appeals Service is provided by Kent County Council.

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