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Talking Partners - Developing Speech, Language and Communication

Talking Partners - Developing Speech, Language and Communication

The Equality Diversity Inclusion Team (EDIT) are accredited trainers in delivering Talking Partners @Primary.

Talking Partners @Primary is designed to improve the way children communicate across the curriculum, enabling them to become independent and skilful speakers and listeners.

It is a targeted, time-limited (10 week) intervention programme that can be used with small groups or the whole class.

Developed  from the internationally renowned Talking Partners programme which was initially aimed at children for whom English is an additional language, this programme will raise the achievement in Speech, Language and Communication (SLC) for all pupils with low literacy skills, accelerating progress in both speaking and listening and making a positive impact on their writing

Alongside improving the delivery of SLC in the classroom on a day to day basis by practitioners the programme will help children who may lack skills or confidence to express themselves clearly.

Sessions last for 30 minutes, however, children in the Early Years work together for 15 minutes five times a week. The adult models the use of good language structures, varied vocabulary and positive speaking and listening behaviours. Talk frameworks and visual prompts are used throughout to support children to become more independent learners.

How Can The Equality Diversity Inclusion Team Help?

The Equality Diversity Inclusion Team offer two full day practical training sessions for teachers and/or teaching assistants who are interested in developing the Talking Partners @ Primary programme in their schools.

During these sessions delegates will:

  • examine the underpinning pedagogical principles and benefits of the Talking Partners programme
  • develop an understanding of how the Talking Partners intervention programme works
  • have a demonstration of practical activities to promote speaking and listening skills
  • be able to implement the programme in your school.

Optional pre reading Time to Talk by Jean Gross

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You can get in touch with us using our designated contact page - contact EDIT here!