Threads of Success: Childcare Partnership and Integration Team

Meet the team

Originally from a teaching background, I have worked in Early Years and Childcare for over 20 years. I joined KCC in April 2015 bringing a range of knowledge and experience with me from working and supervising at a local village preschool, to supporting childminders via a quality assurance scheme/childminding network and managing a local authority childminding contract held by PACEY for the past four years.

As well as holding a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, I obtained Early Years Professional Status in its early days. These have enabled me to write and deliver a range of childminder training, to support individual childminders in developing their settings and work with the local authority to plan childminder development within Kent.

My current role as Provider Liaison Officer is wide-ranging and varied, involving supporting the development of collaborations as well as wider communication and liaison with providers and parents.

At the moment I am enjoying learning Tai Chi and am working on a family tree.

I joined the Early Years Childcare and Education sector in 2004. I have been part of the Emporium Plus team (previously Treasure Chest Resource Centre) for 12 years and have achieved many goals within the service. I was promoted from Resource Centre Coordinator to Senior Resources Coordinator in 2016. I am very lucky to have such a great team to work alongside.

I have two children, Millie who is 7 and Joshua who is 3. My main hobby is paddleboarding. I also snowboard and do as much walking as possible.