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Registering Your ECTs

It is a statutory requirement that once an ECT has been appointed at a school, the Headteacher or Principal must register the ECT with an Appropriate Body in advance of the ECT starting an induction period. Failure to register the ECT as soon as they start at your school may result in a delay to the start of the induction period.

The Kent ECT Induction & Support team (Appropriate Body) uses the ECT Manager database to track and monitor our ECTs. This can be accessed by visiting  Kent-Teach, select the red log in button and enter your ECT Manager account details.

If your school has not registered ECTs with us before, please contact the team by emailing as we may need to set your school up with a login for ECT Manager.

If you need guidance on any of the following, please contact us using the details below.

  • Registering an ECT who trained in the United Kingdom.
  • Registering an ECT who trained in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Authorising your ECT.
  • Supplying your ECT with their log in details.
  • Registering an ECT who has completed part of their induction at another Kent school.
  • Guidance for teachers who trained outside of the United Kingdom.

Contacting the ECT Induction & Support Team

Grant Reeves (Induction Manager)
Elizabeth Dean (Induction Adviser)
Helen Grzeszczak (Induction Coordinator)
Rhea Clarke (Induction Administrator)

Telephone: 03000 421 149