How can I access my old CPD Online Account?

Did you last use CPD Online before Summer 2018?

If you last logged into your CPD account before we became part of ‘The Education People’ in June 2018, your old log in details (username and password) will no longer work.

All users must now log in with a The Education People user account.

Don’t worry, your data from your old account has not been lost. Once you have created an Education People Account, you can merge your old data into your new account.

What has changed?

When we became part of The Education People, we changed our systems - you can now have a single user account (email address and password) to access several of our services.

This includes our website, and our individual training platform, CPD Online.

How to merge your old CPD Online data into your new account

If you had an old CPD Online account (prior to June 2018), follow the steps below to merge your existing CPD Online data from your old account into your new account.

After completing these steps, all of your old data will be available in your new user account.

You will need:

  • A new user account with The Education People (if you haven’t created a new account yet, you’ll need to register).

  • Your old username and password for CPD Online (this will be the last time you use these)

Steps to merge your CPD account:

  1. From CPD Online, click ‘Log In’ to access the log in page. Log in to your The Education People user account (if you haven’t registered an account, you will need to register a new account first - you can do this from the log in page)

  2. Once you have logged in, select ‘Merge my old account’
  1. Enter your old username and password, and click ‘Merge Now’ to complete your merge.

If you have forgotten the username or password for your old account, you can click the ‘Forgotten username or password’ link to request a reset, in order to complete the merge process.

Please note you won't need to use your old log in details again after your account is merged. In future, always use your new The Education People account.

How do I know if I have a new account?

To access your old CPD account, you will need a new account with The Education People.

If you are unsure if you have registered a new account yet, try following these steps:

  1. On the CPD Online log in page, try logging in with your email address. If you can’t remember what your password would have been, click the ‘Forgotten Your Password?’ link.

  2. On the password reset page, enter your email address. If you have an account with The Education People, you will be sent an email to enable a password reset.

  3. If you don’t have an account in order to reset a password, you will need to register for a new account. You can do this from the log in page.

Remember, this account is not the same as your old username and password which were used for CPD online before we became The Education People in June 2018.

I can’t remember if I have used CPD Online before

If you are unsure if you have used CPD Online before, you may find it helpful to search in your emails for ‘CPD Online’.

If you find messages from before June 2018 regarding a CPD Online account, this indicates that you did have an old account. You will need to complete the merge process with a new account. Follow the steps above to complete the merge process for your old account.

I’ve used CPD Online before, but it was more recently than June 2018

If you have logged into CPD online more recently than June 2018, you will have used a new account. You can log in to CPD Online with your account at

I'm still stuck - what shall I do?

If you are still having difficulty logging in to CPD Online, please email or telephone the CPD Online help desk - [email protected] or 03000 418000 and the team will be able to assist you.