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Explode into the new year with the Primary Science bundle!

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Primary Science Scheme of Work

Launched in 2014, the Primary Science Scheme of Work has been our most popular downloadable resource, selling over 1,000 copies in the first year! Written by ex-science teacher, science adviser and head of Horton Kirby Environmental Centre, Andrew Berry; the Primary Science Scheme of Work is a comprehensive document, enabling primary teachers to teach science classes with ease.  

The scheme contains 28 units of work, each one specifically designed to address the primary science national curriculum, which began in September 2014.  Each unit contains information and advice required for teachers to provide excellent learning opportunities for their children.

What's included in each unit?
  • Clear learning expectations
  • Engaging activities to enable the learning to happen
  • Advice for each activity as to the type of recording the children could do
  • Resources required
  • Preparation required
  • Key vocabulary
  • Background science knowledge for teachers
  • Information on key scientists who have worked in the different areas of science
  • Assessment grids for each of the units
  • Methods to hook children into their learning
  • Website links
  • Very clear and plentiful examples of how children will be able to address ‘working scientifically’ through practical learning.

Making Primary Science Assessment Work

This comprehensive online resource, written by the Primary Science Scheme of Work author, Andrew Berry, is a follow on product to support teachers with assessing without levels and help them progress their assessment procedures further. 

Making Primary Science Assessment Work is a plethora of ideas, activities and helpful resources that aims to accomplish the needs of teachers and pupils with regards to assessment procedures.

What's included in each unit?

A unit of assessment has been written for each of the 28 sections of the science programme of study. Each unit contains:

  • Teacher’s information
  • Key words
  • Key pictures
  • Question cards
  • Enquiry challenges
  • Additional assessment cards
  • Toolbox labels
  • Achievement tables