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TEP Talks: Navigation vs Knowledge - Thinking and Learning in a Post COVID World with Ian Gilbert

Event Date: 26 November 2020

The Education People is very excited to be launching our new TEP Talks series from September 2020. These interactive sessions will take the form of a webinar, followed by questions, answers and discussion. They will be led by national and international speakers and link closely to current educational priorities.

Since writing "Why Do I Need Teacher When I've got Google?" over ten years ago, Ian has been encouraging schools to think about the real skills and understandings they need to be teaching children in the 21st century, ones that go beyond the treacherous certainty of testable facts. In this interactive online session, he will explore a range of practical ideas for helping children to think deeply, creatively, critically and for themselves as they learn to navigate whatever lies ahead.

Ian Gilbert has been helping teachers make children's brains hurt for nearly 30 years. An award-winning educational writer, editor and speaker and the founder of Independent Thinking, Ian has lived and worked in the UK, the Middle East, South America, Asia and is currently based partly in the Netherlands where his wife is an international school principal and partly in West Wales. He's the man responsible for Thunks.

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