12 June 2018
By Claire Anderson

Top 10 Tips - Trans inclusion in early years foundation stage

Under the Equality Act settings must ensure that transgender staff, transgender children and children of transgender parents/carers are not discriminated against through policy and practice. 

Therefore the setting should:

  1. Keep fully informed of all legislation that protects and promotes the rights of transgender children and adults in service provision

  2. Check that the Equality Policy is up to date and states clearly that transgender parents, staff and children are welcomed and any discrimination towards them will be challenged
  3. Ensure that the language in documents and information leaflets does not indicate that 'family' just means a two-parent heterosexual family

  4. Address all prejudicial and discriminatory remarks and actions immediately in order to create an environment of trust and openness

  5. Run awareness raising workshops for staff on issues relating to the transgender community

  6. Encourage both girls and boys to feel confident in their exploration of roles and gender e.g. daddy stays at home and looks after me and mummy works

  7. Provide resources such as books and visual stimuli which reflect non-gender specific roles Transgender friendly books for young children

  8. Use non-gender specific language e.g. avoid groupings by boy/girl, say "well done you listened carefully", rather than "good girl/good boy"

  9. Do an audit of provision to reduce gender specific issues e.g. uniform, toilets

  10. Ensure that the early years curriculum values and celebrates identity and diversity