11 June 2018
By Claire Anderson

Top 10 Tips - How can schools and settings be inclusive of our Transgender children, young people, staff and parents?

Under the Equality Act schools and settings must ensure that transgender staff, transgender children and young people and children of transgender parents/carers are not discriminated against through policy and practice.

Schools and settings should:

  1. Keep fully informed of all legislation that protects and promotes the rights of transgender children, young people and adults including:

    • The Equality Act,
    • Gender recognition

  2. Check that the Equality Policy is up to date and establishments abide by their duty to advance equality of opportunity, eliminate unlawful discrimination and promote good relations between people who share protected characteristics and those who do not, including gender re-assignment

  3. Ensure that the language in documents and information leaflets is inclusive e.g. does not indicate that 'family' just means a two parent hetrosexual family 

  4. Challenge and address all transphobic and other prejudicial and discriminatory remarks and actions immediately in order to create an environment of trust and openness

  5. Run Trans awareness training

  6. Encourage all children and young people to feel confident in their exploration of roles and gender

  7. Use non-gender specific language and avoid groupings by gender e.g. using 'ladies' and 'gents', 'girls' and 'boys' to describe groups of pupils and students

  8. Do an audit of provision to reduce possible gender specific issues e.g. uniform, toilets

  9. Ensure that the school environment, curriculum, assemblies and tutor time are used to explore issues of sex, gender, gender identity and transphobia and to make visible and celebrate Trans* people e.g. Trans sexual health is part of SRE in secondary schools, different families, gender stereotypes and labelling are explored in Primary e.g. using texts such as Red - the crayons story, 1000 dresses

  10. Signpost to appropriate Trans support agencies