28 September 2018
By Nick Lockyer-Fincken

Schools Financial Services Newsletter October 2018 edition

This Edition

It's almost time for Kent schools to submit their 6 month monitoring, remember the deadline for this is 17 October 2018.

The updated Schools Financial Services training brochure for 2018 will be available shortly on the website.

Online form for 16 to 19 Bursary Fund is now online for academic year 2018 to 2019.

Teachers Pay Grant

The ESFA have confirmed the Teachers Pay Grant funding will be sent to schools by the Local Authority and to Academies directly by the ESFA in  October/November 2018 .

The amount will be funded at a rate per pupil based on the numbers from the October 2017 census.

Visit www.gov.uk and search for ''Teachers Pay Grant methodology' for further details.

More information on the rates will be provided shortly.

Finance Information Groups (FIGs)

The agenda for the Finance Information Groups (FIGs) is now online and places are still available.

Visit the website to view the agenda and book your place

New Capital Funding E-Learning

A brand new E-Learning course is available on Capital Funding to view it, visit CPD Online.

Post Office Cash Deposits

All schools in the NatWest Corporate Scheme who use a Post Office branch, please note that they will now no longer accept bagged coins unless they are in full bags in the following denominations:

  • 50p - £10
  • 20p - £10
  • 10p - £5
  • 5p - £5
  • 2p - £1
  • 1p - £1

If you have any problems, please contact Schools Financial Services on 03000 415 415 .

If you want to receive regular updates and be the first to know follow us on Twitter @SFS_Kent

In this issue

  • Teachers Pay Grant
  • Post Office Cash Deposits
  • Finance Information Groups
  • New E-Learning Course
  • Procedure Note of the Week
  • Key Dates
  • Hints & Tips

Key Dates

Upcoming key dates for Autumn 2018

8 November 2018

  • School Workforce Census opens

November 2018

  • Primary Sports Funding received

7 December 2018

  • School Workforce census opens

SFS Training Courses

Places are still available on the following courses:

  • Financial Management & Controls - 10 October 2018
  • FMS6 Healthcheck - 17 October 2018
  • FMS6 Introduction to School Finance - 8 November 2018
  • Strategic Financial Management in Difficult Times - 16 November 2018

Visit the training section on the website to book your place.

Procedure Note of the Week

  • STLS Funding (82)
  • Exporting the Income & Expenditure report (76)
  • Adding a new Cost Centre (78)
  • Exporting a CEA (73)
  • Cost Centre & Ledger Code unlinking (81)

Hints & Tips

The threshold for Free School Meals eligibility may not be clear to all parents making applications.  Refer to www.kent.gov.uk for further details.

Consider amending the profiling to help with calculation of the Expected Outturn when monitoring on the BPS.

Remember there is a checklist in the Budget Monitoring guidance to help make sure you have done everything.

Use Appendix 5 of the Budget Monitoring guidance to help you redo your 3 year plan on the BPS based on your 6 month monitoring.