18 June 2018
By Louise Clements

Schools Financial Services Newsletter June 2018

This Edition

Thank you to all Kent Schools who submitted their 3 year plans by 31 May 2018.  Academies you now have until 30 July 2018 to submit yours!

Budget Monitoring courses are taking place from 18 June 2018.   Places are still available, contact the Help Desk on 03000 415 415 for further details.

Also, Kent schools with a Corporate Card will have new ones issued before the end of September 2018, look out for further notifications about this next month.


Schools Financial Services have produced a brand new bespoke benchmarking document which schools can purchase.

The document will compare their school to similar ones to them and provide data in numerical and graphical formats.

To see a preview copy, search for 'Benchmarking' in the Education People website or contact the Help Desk on 03000 415 415 or email us:  schoolsfinancialservices@kent.gov.uk

Autumn Training Courses

FMS6 Courses

*Note:  this is a 3 day course, day 1 is listed above

Strategic Finance Courses

**Note:  these are 3 separate half day courses

BPS Courses

Visit Kent CPD Online for further details and to book your place.

If you want to receive regular updates and be the first to know follow us on Twitter @SFS_Kent

In this issue

  • Procedure Note of the Week
  • New Benchmarking Report
  • June 2018 FIGs
  • Autumn Training Courses
  • Hints & Tips
  • Deadlines

Finance Information Groups

The Finance Information Groups (FIGs) took place w/c 11 June 2018 and were very well attended and received.

Covered in the agenda were the following:

  • Lease arrangements in schoos
  • Customer survey questions
  • Early Closedown Feedback
  • Preparation for Budget Monitoring

If you missed these or want to review the slides, they can be found on the Education People website.

October FIG dates:

Visit Kent CPD Online to book your place: www.kentcpdonline.org

Procedure Note of the Week

See a list of this months entries

  • Clearing VAT balances (45)
  • Setting up Recurring Payment Journals (60)
  • Actual spent to Date (73)
  • Removing unused codes (63)

These are available via the Helpdesk to anyone with a Core Financial Support Package. A full list is available on The Education People website.

Hints & Tips

  • Unable to see a Budget Forecast to monitor at Cost Centre level against, make sure you have created and saved a Cost Centre Allocation.
  • Any Capita Payroll customers now need to use a Macro before performing a Payroll Reconciliation.  See the Help & User Guidance section of the BPS for further details.
  • If you get a yellow hand violation warning when inputting your budget on FMS6.  Logging off and on again may clear the memory so you can continue.