Effective English Leadership Grab File: Supporting the Ofsted process

Make sure you're prepared for your next Ofsted inspection with our range of Ofsted Grab Files. 

This downloadable Grab File is perfect for subject leaders of English in your primary school. It will double up as a co-ordinator’s middle-leadership folder and also prepare them for Ofsted inspections.

It encompasses all the needs of leaders of primary school English to plan and prepare themselves for conversations with Ofsted inspectors, headteachers, governors and other visitors such as Local Authority personnel.

What is included in the Effective English Leadership Grab File?

The file is divided into four parts, with the first being the largest:

Section 1 - Key documents for quick reference
Section 2 - English curriculum
Section 3 - Attainment and assessment
Section 4 - Information for parents and governors

Effective English Leadership Grab File - Action Plans
"The action plans will enable me to prioritise my own CPD and that of current staff... I am looking forward to getting this folder up and running. It will feel satisfying to complete sections and allow me to plan ahead in manageable steps."
Lead English Teacher
Valley and Invicta Primary School, Aylesford, Kent

Effective Maths Leadership Grab File: Supporting the Ofsted process

This downloadable resource is designed to assist you in your role as maths subject leader. It is a clear and comprehensive list of everything you should include in your maths subject leader folder.

Once compiled this folder will evidence your impact as maths subject leader and can be grabbed for meetings with your senior leaders, headteacher, governors or external visitors including Ofsted.

What is included in the Effective Maths Leadership Grab File?

The file is divided into five parts:

Section 1 - Key documentation
Section 2 - The maths curriculum, teaching and learning
Section 3 - Assessment, attainment and progress
Section 4 - Leading mathematics
Section 5 - Pupils and parents; website

The Primary Leadership Grab File - including Ofsted readiness

A comprehensive but accessible working document designed to support effective and successful primary school leadership and management at all levels.

This Grab File contains everything that leaders and managers need to know and consider when developing and sustaining school improvement, to ensure that there is ‘ambition and aspiration’ for every child, delivered by staff with a single-minded focus on making the school a place of learning for all.

What is included in the Leadership Grab File?

Sections include helping you judge and develop:

  • Setting a baseline for your school
  • Your overall effectiveness and the quality and standards of education you provide
  • What makes effective leadership and management - what does it look like and how does it work
  • Developing your school self-evaluation and improvement priorities
  • Meeting the needs of all pupils
  • Pupils’ outcomes
  • Developing, monitoring and maintaining teaching, learning and assessment and its impact
  • Finance and budgeting
  • Safeguarding and online safety
  • Equalities
  • The role of governors.